Thursday, May 30, 2013

On Christiania, Drugs, Getting kicked out of a house, and good coffee. Can you say Drama?

My little kitchen view. 

After nine hours of flying, I finally arrived in Copenhagen. My flights weren't terrible, aside from the screaming babies--but hey I was able to watch Little Miss Sunshine and Silver Linings Playbook. 

Oh and when previously checking in for my flight, I thought that I had upgraded my seat on the 8 hour flight like a smart person--turns out I upgraded my seat on the one hour flight from Amsterdam to Copenhagen, Oops. At least I rode like a boss in that last hour. There is nothing quite like free wine on the airplane, excuse me, flyvemaskine (FLUV MAS KEEN) at 10am.

I was greeted at the airport by this guy I met online, and we spent the entire day together--it was really awesome actually. I'm still not sure how I survived the day--thank you Copenhagen Gods. If I don't have legs like Beyonce after this trip--I will be surprised.

We first went to Christiania, also known as the Free Town. It is probably the most interesting place I have ever been. Ever. It's a mini city full of hippies, and open minded individuals that was taken over in the 70's. It is full of interesting art, and housing made from scraps--and then of course, pusher street where you can buy the best hash and weed around. There was a little garden we sat in for about an hour near there, and talked about past travels. Christiania is such a unique place. You could walk around there for hours, and oh WE DID, observing the houses and the lake. The weather was absolutely perfect--I'm not sure if I was just jetlagged, or high, or hallucinatingv or high -but I haven't been that happy in a long time. After about five hours --we then went and looked at a few famous churches--and walked down a famous shopping street. The architecture was incredible. You really can't find much like it in the states. We have  boring concrete buildings--they have department stores look like this:

Each and every building was completely different. Nothing was identical. I loved it. 
I also loved how the towns constitution is displayed in images:

No weapons. No hard drugs. No fighting. No cars. No gang colors. No bulletproof vests. No selling of fireworks. No use of thunderflashes. No stolen goods.

I really really love it here. I can see why it's so popular. This week there is also a free music festival called Distortion. It's a week long street party with free music and anything-goes rules. It looks like a really good time, and I'm going tonight! Excited!

It really amazes me how kind people can be. This guy spent his entire day off with me and was so kind  to give me tips for the city and show me around. I met my host on couchsurfing and she has been incredible. We haven't spent as much time together because she works, but she offered me a bed, food, and we talked about life over a bottle of wine last night. 

Then some shit went down. Apparently her roommate is insane. They made an agreement that I wouldn't be alone in their place, but she didn't want to wake me up at 7am after being jetlagged (THANK YOU) and the crazy roommate was going to be home anyway. So later in the day crazy roommate asks me what my plans are for the day. I told her that I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep--but I could explore the city if she didn't want me there. After talking for a bit--she was laughing, and gave me keys. She told me it was fine if I stayed while she was gone. Then later that night after Melanie (nice lady) and I go out--we come back to a note asking Mealine to text her. Apparently mean chick changed her mind, told her she couldn't trust her, and told her I needed a new place to stay tonight AND she had one month to leave. 


So she kicked me out this morning--I had no time to shower, and most of my stuff is still at her place other than my passport and important items. She was so rude too. "So do you know how to get to the city center?" "Not really. I've only been here a day" "....." She walked out with me--made a call and started laughing on her phone. Didn't offer to help me, or give me guidance. Some people.

I felt really bad--like this was all my fault. Melanie told me that it is actually a good thing because she wasn't comfortable living with her anyway. It's just a messy situation to be caught in.

Now I'm sitting in a coffee shop near Christiania using some free wifi like a boss. This has been an eventful two days. But hey--what is traveling without some drama? I haven't been mugged yet--and even if she steals all of my clothing I guess I have an excuse to buy more? Haha.

There is always a silver lining.

Tomorrow I fly to Rome for a night--and then head to my first camp in the south of Italy. It is in a place called Calabria--and is gorgeous. DID I SAY GORGEOUS!!?!?

Oh. My. God. I cannot wait. 
Well it's time to explore a bit more. 
Oh I forgot to talk about coffee--it is in the title of this post afterall. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. 
There you go!
But really it's pretty fucking great here. 

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