Saturday, May 11, 2013


Hey There. 

I decided to start a new blog, since my old one was still convinced I was in Italy, and was a royal pain in my ass. I also want to work on my writing. I have been in a funk for a while and have developed a fear of writing. I think it's because I have convinced myself that most..scratch that ALL... of my ideas are idiotic. My friends will argue otherwise, but what do they know! They are friends!

Did I mention how much I love The Smiths (And how scatterbrained I am)? There is something about Morrissey that makes me laugh, and puts me at ease. PLUS his super fabulously gay dance in this video always gets me. 

I can actually do a pretty good impression of him (it's one of my talents aside from mouth trumpet, and sounding like a black reverend,) and I won't lie--sometimes I get messed up and mimic this dance. Don't judge me. I know you do weird shit when you are alone at home too. 
Sometimes I like to pretend I'm a 26 year-old high gay man rocking an over sized flower-patterned shirt. Shut up. 

I passed all my classes this semester which is pretty sweet. I didn't think I was in the danger zone, but I was beyond stressed. I actually don't know how the hell it's May right now. I was involved in three productions, each following each other and the last being my comedy show. Anyone that writes comedy knows it's hell--until it's showtime. There is the fear of the material not being funny. There is a point where people new to sketch comedy secretly want to quit, because it is unlike any other theater experience and process. There is the fear that your brilliant writing partner is going to quit and/or commit stress suicide. There is the fear that one day you won't be kidding about jumping in your pool and not resurfacing *Note 1: I'm not an emo chick. Don't report me. Anyway, there are a lot of fears and every semester I think "There is no way I can do this again," but the show always goes surprisingly well. I have had a lot of great feedback and really loved my cast this time--so yes I will do it again and I will do it big. How will we top dirty nuns and dirty catholic kids that sing? No idea. 

It's really nice to have a break. My roommate and cat are gone for the summer, and my second roommate is never home so I have the place to myself for a while. I am catching up on reading and ordering books on everything I am bad at like...organization, "loving yourself," and "Working your way up in a business." LET'S SEE HOW THIS GOES. I also purchased Steve Martin's book Born Standing Up, and a book about a nun that left the convent called Out of the Habit. I've told myself that I won't add any other books until I finish these....or else my living room will be covered in quarter read books. 

The most exciting part of my summer is on it's way. I will be flying into Copenhagen at the end of the month, chilling there for a few days, then I'm off to Italy to work with kids again for eight weeks, then I return to Copenhagen to Wwoof with a friend for three weeks. I am beyond excited. I have contacted a ton of people through, so hopefully I find someone cool to stay with for a few days. I really love the concept--as long as I don't stay with some creeper that tries to feed me tons of Danish Hash Treats. I'm not sure why I picked Copenhagen--it was much cheaper to fly into than Italy, but something about it is calling to me. I feel like great things are going to happen this summer, and I can't wait to meet more people from all over the world. If I could...I'd pack up and leave right now and probably not return. 

So this blog will be used to document my travels, random shit and ideas. I hope you enjoy. If not, well then, poshel na khuy!

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