Saturday, May 25, 2013

Amanda Bynes

I don't normally dive into celebrity gossip, but this Amanda Bynes shit is hilarious. Poor Amanda. I remember being obsessed with All That  and The Amanda Show. What happened to her? I guess it's just really hard growing up with fame. Sure you get everything you want--you know...other than a social life...and a childhood. I don't really see how turning into a jewel-faced-internet-slut is an excuse though. She claims that she isn't doing drugs--maybe she needs to. Maybe she'd mellow out. My addiction started with a google image search of her. Then I moved on to articles. Then I started looking at her twitter. I even @ tweeted her. Any normal person giving her sympathy is getting  retweeted. I can only hope. Dreams do come true. 

But really.  I think Amanda Bynes is a genius. She's a 27 year old millionaire, and I think she's just bored. Why else would she try to look like Lindsay Lohan's twin? Or model herself after some stripper? I think maybe she's just trolling everyone--JUST LOOK AT HER TWEETS. And the girl wasn't really getting tons of work, and now she's getting publicity like crazy.


I also love that out of the seven people she follows--Barack Obama is one of them. You can count on Amanda's vote. #Much Respect.

And look at this video--It's a joke. It has to be. A video of her making duck faces for a minute.

What is the host of this show wearing? She looks just as bad. 

So this is what I have come up with. Amanda has tried to follow the footsteps of the last couple of fuckups in Hollywood. Examples.

Lindsay Lohan

Also getting sidetracked..but can I say how I think it's hilarious that in Lohan's twitter bio it says "Learning one day at a time." What exactly are you learning Lindsay!?

Then she pulled a Britney Spears/Miley Cirus:

What's next? An Amy Winehouse, or will she fake her death to get a V.I.P. pass to the 27's club? Or maybe she's trying to create a new character for the show. Totally possible--and how awesome would that be? Who knows. Who Knows. You are one sneaky girl Amanda.

I leave you with this. The pilot for the  Amanda Show. How it all began.

Click Here. 


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