Friday, May 17, 2013

A Quickie & A Hot Waiter

I'm bored--so you guessed it! Time to blog! I started searching for rehearsal planning techniques, and organizational tips, and before I could finish my sentence, this is what came up. Are these really the top three? Run Away. Lose Weight. Successfully Overdose. I guess once losing weight fails, the only sensible solution is to take more pills than Lindsay Lohan and die. 

That's Hot. 

That was quick like I promised. Now on to the hot waiter. 

A friend and I went to a delicious local place in town tonight and we were greeted by a very enthusiastic waiter that was either on speed, or wanted a generous tip. When I told him to hold off on giving me bread he responded with I'd eat your bread. Thank you sir. Anyway, he was super cute and paid us quite a bit of attention. Maybe he thought we were lesbians? I did just cut all my hair off. Who knows.

But after telling us about his life, plans, and how comfortable we made him feel he eventually asked us what we were doing later tonight, and said that he had a few friends in town, and would we like to join him downtown later. We said yes, and ended up leaving our numbers. We have yet to be contacted but who knows. He was really cute, funny, and outgoing--but the longer we stayed, he got a little bit creepier. He filled our water glasses and looked at the two of us, for probably 5 seconds too long and said "Tonight's going to be a fun night."

What does that mean? Did he text his buddies in the bathroom saying, I found some fresh meat. You said you needed a few kidneys? So that was sign number one. Then he came back and refilled our water and just starred at me. As he walked away he said Was that creepy? Because that's what I was going for. Uhhh. This was one of those moments where he either was being creepy--or he realized he was accidentally creepy and made a joke as a cover up:something I do all the time. Well we left him our numbers anyway--but realized during dinner we revealed a few things. 

"We are pretty dirty." This was referring to our writing style and sense of open-mindedness
"My friend is a lightweight.. literally one margarita and BAM" Giving him a reason why she didn't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a drink there. 

Maybe I am completely over thinking everything. He was probably just a nice guy, looking for a good time, or he thought we'd make out for him for $1 ---but honestly--it's 10pm and I'm an old lady. He also wanted to go to Midtown--and anyone living here knows Midtown is crap. We have a bar called Balls....I do, however, find it hilarious that it's a popular spot for all the frat boys--and their balls are literally touching in there--there is no space to move. Soooo I'm just going to watch The Office and eat my cinnamon crunch scone. Thank you PMS. Thank you. Creep or not though--it was nice to get hit on. So thank you too waiter man.

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