Sunday, June 2, 2013

Losing 75% of my wardrobe on the way to Calabria

My last night in Copenhagen was actually super awesome. I met up with Melanie after spending the day in Christiania, and then we went to The Distortion festival whichhhh actually wasn't too great because we arrived late, and the streets smelled like piss. Mmmm. Soooooo instead we found Melanie's boyfriend, and a few of his friends and headed back to his place.

Can I just take a moment to say something? I LOVE THE DANES!!!!!

We spent the night discussing the differences in culture--and how safe Copenhagen is. So safe in fact that their most dangerous animal is the badger......oh and some weird looking fish. There is actually a punk band that sings about the fish. I found that hilarious---the only topic the punks have to complain about is the semi-once-in-a-while-deadly-fish. They also told me that every year 12 Germans die from floating out on air mattresses to see the sea.

I thought this was a joke. Guess not. Haha.

So we drank. We laughed. We shared stories--and I loved each and every moment of it. I was sad to leave. I woke up at 7am the following morning, packed my things quietly and was on my way.

I arrived in Rome several hours later, and fell in love with my tiny hostel. I met Meg, another tutor and we shared stories, got some food, and of course gelato. I wish we had had more time to spend in the city. My first impression of Rome last year was not the greatest. It was about 900 degrees, packed with tourists, and pretty uncomfortable. This time it was much emptier, and the weather was beautiful. Ahh. Rome. :)

I finally arrived in Calabria after a 9 hour train ride from Rome woo! Oh but guess what? I left about 75% of my clothing on the train. yep. I'm a genius. I separated my dirty clothing from my bag and completely forgot it after switching trains. The Italian train station doesn't have a lost and found and my clothing is gone forever. I was only saying the other day how much less traveling makes me realize we need to live with and survive. REALLY UNIVERSE???

However, I wasn't as mad as I thought I would be and It's really lovely here. We were greeted by a really nice camp director and her daughter, and then hit gelato land. I ordered in Italian and felt like a boss. I HAVE MISSED MELONE GELATO OH MY GOD. 

All of the tutors are staying in the same house. We have our own flat connected to the directors home, which is pretty exciting, AND we only work four hours a day. It is so lovely! She has a huge garden with zuchinni, lemons, tomatoes, onions--and we have fresh eggs every morning. Perfection.

Here is the view from the flat--

Here is our host dog Willy--

Here's the fresh gnocchi we made earlier today--Did I mention that life is awesome?

I'm pretty nervous about teaching again tomorrow, but I think it'll be okay. Everyone is rusty the first day. Life is good. I'm discovering a lot. Which is good. I think this is a wonderful place for me to be right now. 

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