Monday, July 29, 2013

Updates Week 7 in Italy

Soooo, these past couple of weeks have been pretty difficult. Post Nazi camp--I went to another two person camp--Meg and I weren't happy because we hate small camps, and we wanted to talk to people other than each other. So we get to camp, right, and we only have 12 kids--3 of them decided to bail and because of said bail, we find out that one of us has to leave. THE NEXT DAY. We worked together for four weeks, and in the morning one had to go. Running a camp alone is not normal--and usually in this situation the camp would shut down, but that wasn't the case. I decided to stay--and let Meg leave so she could work with other people before leaving Italy. It was difficult---very difficult. The English level, and age among the children ranged from 7 to 12, so teaching lessons was almost impossible. I had to get very creative, and I was really exhausted. Fortunately, the camp director was fantastic, the children were wonderful, and a friend of mine came in to help me a few times. The camp was supposed to last two weeks, but after being shoved around, and poorly communicated with--I found out that I'd be heading to a new camp a few days later. I was never able to say goodbye to those kids--but I did write them a pretty cool script about Super Hero School, and cat woman turning them all into cats, out of superpower jealousy. So take that!

I'm really enjoying my current camp. I'm physically exhausted but my lessons have been running smoothly, and I think this week, I've realized that I am a good tutor. My kids really like me, and I've created some pretty cool projects for them. I also went into this week with no fear--I told myself that everything would be fine, and so far it has been. I love, love, love my host family--especially my host mother. I think I have learned the most Italian this week, and we often sit around the dictionary looking up words. I love it. I also love the slow pace of Italy. Peeling fruit with a knife. Hanging clothes to dry all day. Using a fucking dictionary instead of a smartphone. It's really great for my soul, and my mind. It's helping me realize what really matters--and how much day to day bullshit I can avoid. I've also realized--if I give myself some alone time with a pen and paper I can think creatively, and I can write some pretty funny shit. This will be useful while I'm having my semesterly freakout over my comedy show.

Updates: The end of the last camp was pretty great. My kids killed it. They were all pretty incredible actors and had people laughing. I wrote a show about pirates being trapped in mermaid prison. The camp also cheered for me for whatever reason--and I did the Banana song in front of 60 parents. Life can be hard guys.

It was soooo difficult saying goodbye to my host family. They were one of the bests I've had this summer. I got really close with the mother, and I think learned the most Italian with this family. Communication is so amazing, and I am really inspired to continue my studies of the language. 

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