Monday, July 29, 2013

Ciao Italy!

What. The. Hell.
Where did the last nine weeks go, and how did they go by so quickly?
I'm currently laying in my Rome hostel after a long day of travel. YOU CAN NEVER TRUST AN ITALIAN TRAIN...but more on this later.

I have learned so much in the past nine weeks--most importantly, the importance (what) of keeping a daily journal. THANK YOU KATHY. Change and awareness can most definitely occur in a short amount of time.  I have learned that people you barely know can treat you with the most kindness THERE IS HOPE WORLD...whether it's a night shirt when you have lost all of your clothing (Thank you Meg :) ) or a pair of sandals when you haven't got a pair (Thank you Mary,) or a tube of toothpaste when you have run out (Thank you Lisa :D ) orrrr a place to stay and good company (Melanie, and Zack) or a free haircut...gosh there are so many thanks to be given.

I learned that I do in fact have the ability to be a good teacher--I just need to stop doubting myself, and realize that this is one big process. I can't know everything, and some days...just...suck. (Most of this realization came from Sophie. Because well, she is awesome--and helped me destroy most of my negativity)

I have also learned that even in Italy you can have shit days, despite the typical "LIKEomGzzzz you are in Italy, stop complaining!!!" This is bullshit. Things can suck anywhere, BUT it is important to remember that the cure can be as simple as a sunset, or a mountain. You can choose to change your outlook.

I've learned to enjoy taking my time--something I don't think happens very often in America. No wonder everyone is getting fat. Whether peeling a peach with a knife (and failing about 30 times,) or handwashing all my clothing, or simply breathing in my I said don't have to go to Chine to see the sky...

I have also realized that I am so ready for LA. My host mom confirmed this as well. It's funny to look back at one of my first posts of the summer where I am clearly LOOSING MY MIND about the future. I was considering going to Thailand. What? Me? No. There is still time to see the world, and I have seen more than I ever thought I'd be able to. It's time to finally, and seriously pursue what I know I love. This comedy bullshit ;) with my best friend. I'm thinking of it like an Italian train, if you miss it (and you will,) figure out your next move, and get to where you need to be. 

So, tomorrow I head to Copenhagen for a few days, then a very random, and hopefully awesome Hippie Adventure with 15 people I don't know, that may or may not kidnap me and make me live with elves in the Norwegian mountains. I'm ready for life, and actually very excited about this trip. I decided to say HELL YES to the opportunity, because when else will I be able to camp on the tallest peak in Norway? Hmm? HMM? Call me crazy, and I am--but this is so happening. 

I would like to do a short summer recap, followed by some Italian tips:
Things I am thankful for:
My first gelato of the summer, with my new friend Meg :)




Sophie. I owe you so much, you don't even know. The laughs, the realness--I love you. 

That one time I learned an Italian dance. 

* Everyone I worked with during the first week of camp
* Singing "Hit me baby one more time," for a ton of Italian's. What?
* The insanely loud toilet. I still miss it
* A really long and awkward attempt at ordering a white russian
* MELENZANE mmm.....
* Free gelato, and sweets, and almond milk
* Cheap fruit. Cheap Cheese. Cheap coffee. 
* Tequilla boom boom 
* The girls from sardinia
* Lion King dating show, Pirate show, Peterpan show
* Salerno shopping sales
* The kid that wrote me a love letter
* Food in Sicily. GRANITAS IN SICILY, really, ANYTHING in Sicily
* Sabaudia--the sea, the hills, the mojito parties
* My host dads brother that tried to hook me up with the chef "He is an artist--of the chicken"

And Now for some tips, based on my travels these past couple of weeks:

 1. Please learn the basics. Don't be caught saying "Dove Banjo" see below

2. You will stick out as an American, so PLEASE DO NOT MAKE IT WORSE by wearing your 
red/white/blue walmart eagle shirt. Or your "I HEART ROME," sweatshirt, IN ROME.

3. Coffee is fantastic, and so is Gelato--but for the love of god, if you are in a touristy area, GET IT TO GO.

4. Italian's currently have a very strange addiction to tacky neon clothing. 

5. If you are in a place that serves fresh almond milk ORDER IT PRONTO

6. There is NO NEED to worry about your body image while at the beach. Seriously. You will see a whole lot more than you have ever wanted to see. 

7. Don't confuse pazzo and cazzo. One is crazy. One is dick. I'll let you figure it out. 

8. Please don't complain about the lack of Chinese restaurants. AND PLEASE DO NOT GO TO McDONLANDS! YOU ARE IN ITALY. EAT ITALIAN FOOD. 

9. Be careful...15 yearolds will mistakenly look like 20something yearolds. 

10. When people say they are "engaged" it doesn't mean he put a ring on it. "I'm single in the summer," is a commonly followed phrase. 

11. Your train will be late. 

12. If you order a mixed drink, I advise packing a container of juice in your bag. The drinks here are way too strong and pretty gross in result.....stick with vino. 

12. Learn to take your time :) Enjoy every moment--it will help you at some point in your life. 

And now...I'm going to enjoy my final gelato. And probably eat a block of cheese. 


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