Saturday, January 4, 2014


Oh hey blog it's been awhile. So I am actually really excited for the new year. This year I am graduating, might be working in France for a month teaching kids, hopefully returning to Denmark for some pre-chicago inspiration, MOVING TO CHICAGO to pursue comedy--my childhood dream and love, putting on the final Funny Woman Show back at the Brew Spot, and of course getting rock hard abs like everyone and their mothers. But really--I do have some very realistic goals for the new year and I know that they will come true--and hey if they don't, at least I worked my ass off. 

Health Goals

* Commit more to the primal/paleo lifestyle--changing my diet has really changed my life this year and I would like to fully transition and commit 100%.
* Walk More
* Yoga More 
* Be happy

Educational Goals 

* Go to class. Everyday. Read. Finish assignments early. GRADUATE

Chicago Goals 
*Move to Chicago 
*Volunteer at Second City 
*Audition for the Second City Conservatory Program 
*Perform some open mic improv shows
*Try stand-up 
*Find a job or a sugar daddy to support me
*Find a safe and convenient place to live

I can't wait for the semester to begin. Two days left! I'm excited to improvise again and begin rehearsals for Angels in America! This semester is going to fly.

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