Wednesday, September 25, 2013

An office job--is very much like The Office

I never pictured myself working in an office, but honestly, I AM SO HAPPY TO NOT WORK IN THE FOOD INDUSTRY ANYMORE. I used to work on campus--making salads--and feeding my friends. I did it for two years, and after I finally got a very needed raise--I quit. Can someone say dramatic?

I walked past the place the other day--same staff--same miserable look--same salady smell.

I just couldn't do it anymore. Even one hour of salad making felt like I was on a long journey to hell. My shifts were never more than four hours, but it sure did feel like eternity. The company on campus is extremely unorganized, we apparently hire racists and slackers (One time a girl I worked with called a Chinese man "Ching Ching" and asked what he wanted. She called all white men Charles--and she would also take 45 minute bathroom breaks as soon as I arrived. She still works there. This is year three. Go Merika!), and my boss always called me by a different name. Plain and simple. It just sucked.

And now I am working for a super awesome company that helps save lives. Everyone I work with is really friendly, and the company treats everyone with the same amount of respect. I have awesome hours, the work isn't difficult, I even show up 15 minutes early and clock in 7 miles a day on my bike. How adult like.

Working in an office is a bit bizarre though. I guess I now understand office humor. But seriously, don't let your kids work in the food industry. Unless you hate them. Then by all means.

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